The Food Hub goes Hi-Tech

This March Joel Comer made the trip from Creston to Vancouver with

his family to take in the #BCTECH Summit.

This two-day event showcased all the latest advances and new directions affecting the BC Technology Sector. With hundreds of ideas on display and dozens of presentations by top industry names, it was a geeks paradise. To read more about Joel’s trip – link to his article on the Creston Valley Food Hub website

For me the most important take away from the event is the rise of Augmented Reality (AR). It really seems that this tech is going mainstream, with a projected 20% of people using AR at work or at home by 2025. Universities are beginning to use AR to help students learn anatomy in three dimensions, and the potential is there for surgery students to learn complicated procedures using holograms, taking visual learning to a whole new level. Mining companies have begun using holograms to visually track where resource deposits and equipment are located in real-time, increasing and improving the data which company executives and employees use to make informed decisions.  Even the provincial government is on board, with Christy Clark announcing significant new tax breaks for AR developers at the summit.
What I found particularly inspiring about the summit was the focus on increasing the use of renewable energy and improving the efficiency of both renewable and non-renewable resources. Tesla’s CTO, JB Straubel talked about how his company is leading the charge by bringing renewables to the masses. While still expensive, solar roof tiles, electric cars, and high storage batteries, are rapidly becoming affordable and all signs point to renewables becoming the new normal. While Tesla is an obvious champion in the world of clean tech, most tech companies are following in suit, and I was impressed by how many companies are starting to embrace this way of thinking.
The summit was an intriguing snapshot of where tech is now and what the future likely holds. There are countless reasons to be excited. We live in a special time.

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